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Our Mission

We provide quality assembly services for those seeking manual assembly of prototypes or short run projects at reasonable prices.  We specialize in manual assembly of through hole and surface mount components as well as mechanical and electromechanical assemblies that can be difficult or impossible for robots or automated processes to handle.  Go to our assembly services page to see what we can do for you.

This site is also a venue for promoting the open source development of robotics, specifically in the areas of search and rescue, remote sensing, and telepresence.  A large portion of our profit is invested in maintaining this site and supporting the lab in order to supply the open source material we make available here.  Donations are always welcome.

The main focus of many of the projects will be in the area of biodegradable “swarm bots“.  The reasoning behind this is simply that as the world’s population grows the inevitability of large scale disasters grows.  Imagine being able to drop something like a soccer ball packed full of biodegradable robots from a plane or helicopter onto collapsed buildings or other structures.  The swarm of robots can then spread out and search the area.  If survivors are found then rescue workers can be dispatched to the site immediately to the exact area drastically reducing search time and thereby increasing survival rates.  You would also improve safety for your rescue teams by not sending them into environments with unknown conditions unnecessarily.  Once the robots complete their mission or exhaust their fuel reserves they could be left in place to simply be absorbed by the environment harmlessly further reducing the cost and hazards of having to go in and recover the robots.  The technology isn’t at this level yet.  That’s where the open source part comes in.  We think that sharing ideas is the best way to reach these goals.

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”
― Albert Einstein




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